School Camps

All our sessions are aimed at developing and practising numeracy, literacy and creative skills.

Fun Mini Camps are back in January 2024!

Our mini camps are a 2.5-hour drop-off session for 3.5-8 year olds! In these camps we get messy, learn new things, get creative and most of all have heaps of fun!

Book in now! We only have 4 sessions for this coming term break and they are sure to fill up fast!

Please note:

Children must be fully toilet trained and used to being dropped off.

Please pack:

Water bottle
Change of clothes

Sessions are facilitated by Play Studio staff who have WWCC and First Aid training.

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The Sweet Life -10th of January

Today our studio will transform into a sweet factory inspired by all the most delicious treats life has to offer. Our camp will give our studio kids the opportunity to engage in:

  1. Ice cream painting with puffy paint and sprinkles
  2. Magnificent clay lollipops making
  3. Bonbon painting station 
  4. Play dough cupcake extravaganza

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Colours Chaos – 11th of January

Julia Donaldson takes us on a colour adventure with her book “Colours, Colours Everywhere”. Our camp will give us an opportunity to engage in:

  1. Colour Pouring
  2. Big Canvas painting with balloon throwing and spray bottle
  3. Cotton ball splatter painting
  4. Fizzy colour 

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Let the wild rumpas start – 17th of January

Get ready to let your imagination run wild with our “Where the wild things are theme”. Our Summer Camp will give our studio kids are opportunity to engage in:

  1. Felt puppet making
  2. Jungle bin sensory exploration
  3. Magic wands and crowns decorating
  4. Wild book creations

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All things magical – 18th of January

Are you ready for some glowing fun? Enter a glow-in-the-dark world of dragons and fairies. This camp is perfect for children who love all things magical and enchanted.  Our camp will give our studio kids the opportunity to engage in:

  1. Flower pot fairy house painting
  2. Clay dragon making
  3. Glow in the dark potion
  4. Enchanted garden painting on big canvas

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